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Print Collection or print material is considered the heart of the collection of UPM Libraries. It is commonly known as the hard copy and most-used collection. These resources include, but are not limited to books, printed magazines, journals, periodicals, references, theses, and special projects.

Online Resources are materials in digital format accessible electronically. It is used and maintained by UPM librarians and library staff to track the selection, acquisition, licensing, access, maintenance, usage, evaluation, retention, and de-selection of the library’s electronic information resources. These resources include, but are not limited to, electronic journals, electronic books, streaming media, databases, datasets, CD-ROMs, and computer software.

Local Databases are materials in digital format accessible within UP Manila and online, these databases contain research, the thesis of CAS, CAMP, and UPM. It also includes UP Manila iLib an in-house developed Integrated Library System for the University of the Philippines System.

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