Access Medicine (MyAccess)


To Create a MyAccess account

  1. Go to while on-campus network or VPN.

  2. In the upper right hand​, choose Create a Free MyAccess Profile in the dropdown.​​

  3. Fill in the information in the register section.  You can choose any user name and password that you want.  You must fill in all of the fields and click ​Create Profile to submit.

​MyAccess offers remote access and greater personalization. Sign in to explore:

  • Remote access to the sites: login to your subscribed site(s) using your MyAccess profile credentials while off campus. No extra logins or VPNs required.
  • Bookmark chapters, videos, images, tables and more.
  • Save and download images directly to PowerPoint.
  • Track progress with saved quizzes.
  • Revisit your most recently viewed content.
  • Sign up for new content alerts