The University of the Philippines Manila Library is introducing seamless, secure access to electronic resources anytime, anywhere through OpenAthens. It allows you to use your UP Mail ( to access subscribed library resources both on and off-campus.

What is OpenAthens?
OpenAthens is an access management platform that allows libraries to enable and monitor access to subscribed online content. With OpenAthens, access and authentication are managed simply, securely, and effectively while providing insight and data that supports the information needs of the UP Manila community.

With a single sign-on (SSO), you can access most of the library’s electronic resources with just one login. Making access to library resources easier and more reliable with improved security.

OpenAthens is an authentication service. It allows you to use your UP Webmail login credentials ( to access subscribed library resources both on and off-campus.

Note that OpenAthens is a “gateway” service to facilitate access to publisher content. It does not include any content of its own.

What will change?

bullet One Login
You will now be able to use your UP Webmail login credentials to authenticate to your favorite online resource both on and off-site, giving you the flexibility to start your research wherever you are.

bullet On-campus Access
The library will continue to provide an IP authentication service. There will be no change to the way you access online resources when on-campus.

bullet Off-campus Access
For off-site authentication, you will now be able to use your UP Mail credentials. You will only need to authenticate once to start an OpenAthens session.

bullet UPM VPN
OpenAthens will not replace VPN. It will still be there, providing options for library users to access library resources remotely.

Visit the guide below to learn more about OpenAthens.

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