Slogan-Making Contest is EXTENDED until further notice.

Attention UP Manila Academic Community!!!

We need your expertise in creating a memorable phrase that will sum up the vision, mission and goals of the Library.

You are invited to join the slogan-making contest of the University Library.
The contest is open to all Students, Faculty, Admin Staff and REPS of UP Manila

The winner will receive a 📜certificate and a 💰cash prize of Php 5,000
For more details, please see attached e-copy of the poster and print ads.



1. The contest is open to all UP Manila constituents (students, faculty and staff).

2. Each participant should submit ONE entry only.The tagline/slogan must illustrate, interpret and emphasize the University Library’s mission, vision and goals.

3. It must be in English Language using a maximum of 7 words.

4. Entries should have:
      4.1. Participant’s complete name and the department/College he/she is affiliated.
      4.2. Brief explanation about the slogan (minimum of 100 and a maximum of 200 words)

5. Entries must be submitted via library’s email []. The participant will be held accountable for any issues that may arise with regard to the originality and authenticity of the entry. Entries beyond the contest duration will not be accepted. Top 10 finalists will be exhibited at the CAS Library and will be displayed in the University Library’s Facebook page and Official Website.

6. The slogan will be judged according to the following criteria:
      6.1. Relevance to the vision, mission and goals (VMG) of the University Library - 50%
      6.2. Originality - 35%
      6.3. Impact & Presentation - 15%

7. From the ten finalists, one winning slogan will be chosen. A cash prize of Php 5,000 will be given to the winner. The ten finalists will also receive a Certificate of Participation.

8. The winning slogan will automatically become the official property of the University Library, UP Manila and will be used in publications, announcements and other related purposes.



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