Circulation Services


UP Manila constituents can borrow materials from any of the libraries in the UP system. The number of items you can borrow depends on your status and the loan category of the item. A range of categories is used to facilitate the most effective use of our collections. Please refer to the tables below.

You must have your library validated University ID card with you to borrow items from the library. If an item has been reserved for you, it will be held at the Issue Desk. Items can be returned at the Issue Desk.

Loan entitlements

User Categories No. of Items Interim Loan Entitlements under the "New Normal"
Undergraduates 5 10
Postgraduates 10 10
Faculty 10 10
REPS  5 10
Administrative Staff 5 10
Outside Researcher 0 0

Loan Periods

Types of Materials Loan Periods* Interim Loan Period under the "New Normal"
General Circulation 7 days (renewable once); except in CAS with 14 days  7 days (renewable twice)
Filipiniana 7 days (renewable once) 7 days (renewable twice)
Reserve Overnight 7 days (renewable twice)
Reference  Room use only Room use only
Thesis/Dissertations Room use only Room use only
Special Collections Room use only Room use only
Journals Room use only (for photocopy) Room use only
Periodicals Room use only (for photocopy) Room use only

Borrower's Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for ensuring that items are returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  • Please note that there is no guarantee that it will be possible to renew items. If items have been reserved for another user, they must be returned on the due date. Fines will apply if items are not returned by the due date.
  • Any borrowed item may be recalled at any time. Fines will apply if items are not returned by the amended due date.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for all items borrowed on your account until they are returned and cleared off your record.

Overdue items

  • If items become overdue while issued to you we will send a courtesy reminder by email or post informing you of this.
  • If you fail to return them at this stage a second overdue message will be sent and your record will be blocked for borrowing and renewal.
  • If you still fail to return items you will be billed for their replacement cost.
  • Notices are a courtesy and non-receipt does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines or charges


Failure to Return a Circulation Book. Any person who fails to return any book open to general circulation on its due date or after recall shall pay a fine of Php2.00 a day, exclusive of Sundays and holidays.

Failure to Return a Reserve Book. Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine according to the following schedule: For the first hour or a fraction thereof after the hour appointed for return, one peso (Php1.00); for each hour after the first, five pesos (Php5.00); for each full day, fifty pesos (Php50.00). A second offense within a semester shall automatically suspend/curtail this privilege for the rest of the semester or summer.

Withdrawal of a Reserve Book Without Reservation Permit. Any person who draws out a reserve book for overnight use without an approved reservation shall pay a fine of Php50.00. The library privilege to borrow from the reserve collections shall be suspended for two weeks on the second offense.

Failure to Return a General Reference Book and Other Restricted Materials Borrowed for Photocopying Purposes. A person who fails to return a general reference book and other restricted materials borrowed for photocopying purposes shall pay a fine of Php50.00, on the second offense the person shall have his library privileges suspended for one week. 


Provides the lending, returning, renewal and payment of fines of library materials during all hours of library operation. Service desk staff are also available to answer questions and help you locate books and other library materials as well.