Vision, Mission & Goals


The National Health Resource Library & Research Hub of Excellence that provides access to quality, timely and highly relevant information resources in the medical and allied health sciences.


The University Library adheres to the university’s honored tradition of academic and research excellence by responding to the challenges and demands for information resources, research assistance, through innovative library services, programs and facilities.


  1. Build engaging learning spaces that promote not only individual but also collaborative learning with the use of modern technology.
  2. Develop library instruction programs to improve the information literacy and research skills of library users.
  3. Offer information resources that support the teaching, learning, research needs, and also creative works of library users.
  4. Adapt to the changing needs of the institution by taking advantage of technology through innovative library services.
  5. Protect and preserve the University Library’s resources by developing archiving and digitization programs that are appropriate to the institutional need.
  6. Empower library staff through proper training and seminars and engage them appropriately to the activities of the library.



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