Book Borrowing and Returning

Onsite Book Borrowing

Guide on how to borrow and renew a book onsite:

  1. Search and check the book's availability to be borrowed at the Tuklas web catalog.
  2. Visit the College Library where the book you want to borrow is located and get the book from the shelf.
  3. Present the book to be borrowed, your valid UP ID, and the duly accomplished book card.
  4. Receive the book. 
  5. Take note of the book's return date to avoid payment of fines.

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Online Book Borrowing

Guide on how to borrow and renew a book online:

  1. Fill out the online form to proceed with your request.

  2. You will receive an email about the book's availability for pick up/receipt of the renewed book/s.
  3. Pick up the book/s at the designated area of the unit library.
  4. Take note of the book's return date to avoid payment of fines.


  • Use this form or scan the QR code below to borrow/renew a book from the University of the Philippines Manila Libraries.
  • We strongly suggest you consult the Tuklas web catalog to search for book/s to be loaned out. Take note of the following: call number, author, title, and location of the book/s to determine the exact location of the book/s in the library to be visited.
  • Only bona fide users are allowed to borrow using the library online form.
  • Only books from Reserve, Filipiniana, and General Circulation Collections can be borrowed.
  • When submitting your request, please ensure that the book's status is "On Shelf" which means that the item is available in the library.
  • In case you have requested a book that is currently "On Loan", we will put your name on the queue and the unit library will notify you once the book becomes available.
  • The cut-off for receiving requests is until 4:00 PM. Any requests beyond this period will be processed on the next business day.
  • You will be notified via email when the book is ready for pick-up, or when the book you returned has accrued late fines.
  • Books must be picked up or dropped off at the designated area of UPM libraries.
  • Borrowing/renewal is not allowed if there is a pending book due for return

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Book Return

Guide on how to return a book:

  1. Return the book on the due date.
  2. In case of overdue, settle library fines at the college library's circulation desk.

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