Library Users

Use of Libraries By Members

The following members of the UP System may use the Library resources subject to the rules and regulations governing their use:

  1. All bona fide students, faculty and employees, members of the Board of Regents, and officials of the University
  2. Retired faculty members specifically granted off-premise reading privileges by the Board of Regents
  3. Visiting scholars with university appointments
  4. Cross-registrants from other colleges and universities, and special students
  5. Members of the Order of Oblation


Use of Libraries by Non-Members

Non-members of the University may use the library resources within library premises under the following conditions:

  1. Alumni, former faculty members, and students honorably discharged from the University may use the library resources for five (5) days without charge within a semester. Beyond five (5) days, certain fees shall be assessed.
  2. Graduate students and researchers may use the library resources upon recommendation of their respective officials and upon payment of library fees.
  • Certain fees shall be assessed for the use of microforms and microform equipment, audio-visuals, electronic media, and computer facilities.
  • Visit the Information for Non-UP Researcher for more information.