Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use the library?
What are the library hours?
Where are the libraries located?
How can I contact the library for help?
Can I eat or drink inside the library?
  • Most of the libraries do not allow food and drinks inside the library. Please check the signage or ask a librarian if you are unsure.

Can alumni use the library?
Do you accept researchers from other schools/institutions?
How do I access Wi-Fi at UP Manila Libraries?
  • Students, faculty, and staff can access wifi at UPM libraries. Once connected, log in to the UPM network using your ADS account. Signal strength may vary at different locations.

Do you allow the charging of electronic devices inside the library?
  • Charging of electronic devices is allowed at UPM libraries.

Searching For Resources

How do I search for printed books and theses?
  • To search for books, theses, and other printed resources, use Tuklas. Please take note of the material's location when browsing. 
How do I search for e-books and e-Journals?
  • To search for e-books, e-journals, and other digital resources, use the UP Manila Discovery Service. The search box is also conveniently located at the center of the website's home page. 
What is the UP Manila Discovery Service?
  • Please refer to the detailed Discovery Service Guide for details on how to access, search, and download digital resources.
Is there a guide for searching ebooks and journals?
  • Please refer to the detailed Discovery Service Guide for details on how to access, search, and download digital resources.

Borrowing/Renewing/Returning Books

How do I borrow books on-site?
  • UP Manila constituents can borrow materials from any of the libraries in the system. You must have your University ID card with you to borrow items from the library. You may refer to the Borrowing Privileges page for details.

I'm not on campus, can I borrow a book and just pick it up?
How many books can I borrow?
  • The number of items you can borrow depends on your status and the loan category of the item. Please refer to the Borrowing Privileges page for details.

How do I borrow theses and dissertations?
  • You can borrow theses and dissertations for room use only. Reproduction is not allowed.
I have an overdue book, how do I pay fines?
  • After you have returned your overdue item, fines will be computed. Please refer to the Payment of Library Fines page for details.

Online Resources

Where do I find the list of online resources I can access?
How can I access online resources on campus?
  • All our university-subscribed online resources are IP-authenticated and are accessible on campus, within UPM-PGH as long as you are connected to the UP Manila network and logged in to the UPM ADS.
Can I access online resources from home?
  • Yes, you may access our online resources remotely. You have two options, via OpenAthens using your UP Mail or via the UP Manila Virtual Private Network using your ADS credentials.
What is OpenAthens and how do I use it?
What is VPN and how do I use it?
I don't have an ADS account yet, where do I apply?
  • If you don't have a UP Manila, please visit the UPM IMS Website for the application details.
How do I download an ebook from Discovery Service search results?
  • To download an e-book from the UP Manila Discovery Service search results, please refer to the Discovery Service guide. For the complete list of e-book databases, please refer to the E-Book Databases page.
I need some help with referencing. Where do I go?



I am a faculty, can I request an orientation for my class?
  • A Library Instruction Session by Request is available to UPM faculty in conjunction with a class or a course. Librarians can teach in-class sessions based on your specific requirements so students learn how to use library materials and tools to find quality information effectively.

    To request a session, email or contact your college library.

How do I get my University Clearance signed?
Do you offer printing services?